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About Pickle & Pea Play

Pickle and Pea Play launched in March 2022, with the aim to provide fun and educational classes for babies and toddlers in the Bedfordshire area. We now offer sessions for newborns up to preschool age (and beyond in the school holidays and for parties!).

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The Pickle & Pea Promise

To offer a safe and welcoming space for all families and little ones to participate. Session numbers are capped to ensure the best experience for everyone.

Pickle and Pea Play is lots of classes rolled into one; messy play, music, parachute games, arts and crafts, physical and sensory to name a few. 

Meet Chloe

All Pickle & Pea sessions are run by Chloe, a qualified and experienced Teacher specialising in Early Years Education.

Hi, I'm Chloe – owner and class leader of Pickle and Pea Play. I'm a Qualified Teacher, Forest School Leader, mother of two and a big kid at heart! 

I have always worked with children, starting as a Nursery Nurse and eventually becoming a Primary School Teacher. I have been fortunate enough to work in nurseries, schools, family homes and even kids' clubs abroad!

I'm passionate about child development and supporting children and their families to progress and thrive in their learning.

I'm Mummy to two energetic little ones, who inspired me to set up Pickle and Pea Play – my Pickle, Zachary (6) and my Pea, Phoebe (2).


Parenthood is a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges and making memories; they say that time flies by and I don't think that I truly appreciated this until becoming a parent. I want to make your time with your little ones memorable and special. I aim to provide fun, educational and engaging sessions for your children, with a friendly face (and ear!) as well as a cuppa and biscuit for you!

Let's support each other through this crazy journey of parenthood (and have lots of fun along the way!).
Hope to welcome you to a session soon.

Chloe x

Why choose Pickle & Pea Play?

We pride ourselves on providing fun and education in equal measure. Here are some of the benefits of our sessions...

Links to the Early Years Curriculum

Sessions are planned in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 

Activities meet the 7 areas of Learning and Development from the EYFS and consider the Characteristics of Learning (how children learn through their play).

Language development

We sing a variety of nursery rhymes, themed songs and action songs often with instruments and props. 

Toddlers enjoy story time and discussion at the end of their sessions. 

All sessions involve greetings, instructions and opportunities for communication with others.


These activities are also brilliant for receptive language (comprehension) and expressive language (using speech, sign or other forms). 



Our sessions give both you and your little ones the chance to socialise and build friendships. 

Children will grow in confidence and develop social skills, such as turn taking and collaboration.


Adults can talk to others who understand what you're going through and become part of the support network that is our Pickle and Pea community.

School Readiness

Although not our main goal, there is no denying that our carefully planned activities will help your child on their learning journey and as they embark on their nursery and school lives. 

Learning opportunities include mark making, team games, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, early mathematical concepts and more!

Say cheese!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are just a few photos of Pickle & Pea Play sessions in action…

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